For Academics

Eric D Ragan et al, ‘Unregulated use of laptops over time in large lecture classes‘ (2014) 78 Computers & Education 78. (paywalled)

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Liesel Spencer and Elen Seymour, ‘Reading Law: Motivating Digital Natives to ‘Do the Reading’’

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Peter Black – his ‘Freedom to Dixer‘ Tumblr is an example of #legaled interactions, using social media. Peter’s ‘Freedom to Differ‘ blog curates multiple sources regarding law.

Marilyn Krawitz, various articles listed include:

— ‘Can Australian Judges Keep their ‘Friends’ Close and their Ethical Obligations Closer? An Analysis of the Issues Regarding Australian Judges’ Social Media Use’ (2013) 23(1) Journal of Judicial Administration 14.
— ‘Summoned by Social Media: Why Australian Courts Should Have Social Media Accounts’ (2014) 23(3) Journal of Judicial Administration 182.
— ‘Stop the Presses, but not the Tweets! Why Australian Judicial Officials Should Permit Journalists to Use Social Media in the Courtroom’ (2013) 15(1) Flinders Law Journal 1.
— ‘May It Tweet the Court: Ethical Considerations Involving Australian Lawyers’ Social Media Use’ (2013) 2 Journal of Civil Litigation and Practice 85.
— “Court Policies and Regulations on Social Media, Who Is Doing What in Australia and Around the World?” – The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration Incorporated’s Social Media and the Courts Conference, Federal Court of Australia, Sydney, Australia, 14 June 2013.
— “Social Media and the Courts” – Speech to Judicial Officers and Court Staff, Supreme Court of Canada, 5 February 2014.
— “Social Media and the Courts” – Speech to staff and students, Harvard University, 7 February 2014.
— “Should Journalists Be Able to Use Social Media in the Courtroom and Should Judges Be Prevented from Using Social Media” – Speech to Judges’ Clerks, Court of Appeal for Ontario, Toronto, Canada, 27 June 2013.


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  1. Hello, Pimp my own work: ‘Reading Law: Motivating Digital Natives to ‘Do the Reading’’
    Liesel Spencer and Elen Seymour


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