Recent additions to the Libraries (9 August 2014)

Some additions to the ‘Academics‘ and ‘Practitioners‘ libraries this week:

Julia E Rodriguez, ‘Social media use in higher education: Key areas to consider for educators‘ (2011).

Gráinne Conole and Panagiota Alevizou, ‘A literature review of the use of Web 2.0 tools in Higher Education‘ (2010)  A report commissioned by the Higher Education Academy.

Lenore Georgina Adeline Hamilton, ‘Social Media and the Tyranny of Distance-Pacific Access to Legal Information‘ (2013) 1(1) Journal of Open Access to Law.

Liesel Spencer and Elen Seymour, ‘Reading Law: Motivating Digital Natives to ‘Do the Reading’’

Carolyn Elefant, ‘Power of Social Media: Legal Issues & Best Practices for Utilities Engaging Social Media, The‘ (2011) 32 Energy LJ 1.

Eric Forcier, Dinesh Rathi and Lisa Given, ‘Tools of Engagement for Knowledge Management: Using Social Media to Capture Non-Profit Organizations’ Stories‘ (Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Information Science, 2014).

Jan L Jacobowitz and Danielle Singer, ‘The Social Media Frontier: Exploring a New Mandate for Competence in the Practice of Law‘ (2014) 68 U. Miami L. Rev. 445.

Eric D Ragan et al, ‘Unregulated use of laptops over time in large lecture classes‘ (2014) 78 Computers & Education 78. (paywalled)


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Professional practice research and education. PhD and Australian lawyer. Legal education and practical legal training curricula and pedagogies.
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