Using Storify and Twitter as an Event Repository

storifytized Storify is an online aggregating tool. It provides a way of curating social media and web content, which can be represented in “narrative” form.

I confess that my use of Storify probably does not realise its full potential. I contend, however, that even my basic use of Storify has some powerful advantages. I use Storify to help solve two problems:

1) most legal education conferences I’ve attended do not seem to maintain a centralised digital repository about the event, or the knowledge shared at the event; and

2) there are lots of excellent events I do not get to attend, in which I would like to participate peripherally, and record for later use.

One solution is to partner Storify with Twitter. These days many events are “live tweeted” by a number of attendees, i.e. people tweet snippets of presentations, and their own observations from within the audience at the event. If the event is well-planned, the organisers will nominate a #hashtag for the event, in anticipation of it being live-tweeted, e.g. #FutureEd.

Using Storify, it is possible to collect all the tweets with that #hashtag together as a timeline. You can edit the timeline to remove duplicates and to improve its narrative quality. Other social media (e.g. Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram) can be added to the Storify. When you’ve created the Storify, you can publish it, then share it via social media or email.

I’ve used this process for conferences, lectures, seminars, and Twitter discussions. Legal educators could also use Storify to aggregate subject content, or as a medium for group work. You can view a recent effort based on ANU’s “Blow up the Lecture” event.


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4 Responses to Using Storify and Twitter as an Event Repository

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  2. Alex says:

    Storify is a vastly underrated app, especially given the fleeting nature of Twitter (and the fact that it’s incredibly difficult to find particular tweets if the hashtag is awash with comments).


    • Αgro-Κnow says:

      Could not agree more with you; there is a wealth of information available through Twitter and what Storify does is to aggregate this information from various sources (e.g. different Twitter accounts), organize it according to date and present it as a useful story line!


  3. Αgro-Κnow says:

    Indeed, the use of Storify needs a good preparation (such as the definition of a hashtag for the event) and so it applies only to large-scale events. However, the results of using Storify are so useful that it makes sense to use for for the purpose clearly stated in the post: To collect information about an event that we have attended (and e.g. we would like to report on that) or we did not manage to attend (so we would like to get an overview of what was discussed there).

    It is surely a powerful tool if used correctly.


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